Fashion Hall Berlin is a permanent inaugural point of the Berlin Fashion Week. Ever since it was brought to life in 2014, young designers and hunters of their talents have been waiting excitedly for this event. 
The Cameleos team with Parisfashion x Satisfashion by Mystyle-Events invites you to a snapshot of the 12th edition of this fantastic event that took place on January 13, 2020. in Berlin's Tiergarten, all the more if you are interested in what and how is happening in this incubator of fashion creativity and trends. You will see how in the spacious pavilions of Loewe Saal - the former, 19th century Loewe brothers machine factory - giving unlimited possibilities, designers settled in. You can check how young talents of the fashion world flourish in the spaces of old industrial halls, spreading contagious smiles, energy and splendor all over the world. They presented their artistry: Marco Marcu, a German designer of Romanian origin, for whom splendor and elegance are almost a philosophy of creation. Label Rinchen, Gera Skandal, Evelina Anglickaitė with pure forms and lines emphasizing femininity. Phenomenal MariposikvkNyNabè with modular coats for self-composing. Marcin Raczkowski making his debut in Berlin. Nehha MalikPIA BOLTE FASHION is a synonym of expressiveness and courage - not to be confused with any other style, a vibrant combination of colors, textures and patterns. I Am Trouble By Kc , Fiorelli, KF by Kamila Froelke - titled a graduate of the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts presenting wedding dresses. Stella Ahangi & Club der glamourösen ExzentrikerTam Urbanek, MC Fashion Malcolma Cremony & DRE ’Andre’ Debattisty, Phillin Dubiel and CZC - a clothing brand that by creating environmentally friendly materials puts at the same time easy to combine with other clothing elements. The organizer of this prestigious event is Samira Günther from the PR & Event Fashion Hall Berlin department. As with every edition, this time the organizers are guided by the idea of a stylish and effective presentation as part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

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